Monday, June 17, 2013

It's all Greek to me

In a time and a country where people are having great issues of getting through with decency and fight with the loss of democracy and dignity every fucking day, it's kind of a ray of light to see that some people can still be inspired and produce things that can make you proud that you live in this shitty era/country/world.

I've spent a great deal of time listening to the tracks below the past few days. For some reason, they really fill me up with hope. Maybe they 'll have some magic effect on you too.

Cayetano - Easy


You can't but just expect something like that from someone who released his first album when he was 19 years old. Lionel Richie would definitely shake his hand, while the rest of us are waiting patiently for his new stuff. Listen to his music here or find out more about him here

Larry Gus - Jaw Throb

He plays with words in his blog and he plays with music in his soundcloud page and all around the world, managing to put smiles on people's faces. This track is from the "Silent Congas" (2009) which you can download for free here. His new album is going to be released June 25th on DFA.

Dj Butcher - Turn it up

Although my heart belongs to "You 're so good to me" which I adored from the very first minute, I find "Turn it up" so refreshing that I actually feel like I'm cheating on my favorite one. One day that you 'll have plenty of free time, take a look at Dj Butcher's work here. Trust me.

Poka - '99 style

Poka speaks the best french I've ever heard from a greek person. He just does that with music, not words. And he does it well. You can download this track for free from the link above and you can search through his whole soundcloud page here.

Soul Seduction - Slip and do it (edit on Betty Wright's original track)

His sets are guaranteed to keep me good company, while this edit is always somewhere on my playlist, ready to set the speakers on fire the past few months. Check out his sounds here and download for free the "Slip and do it" edit in the cloud above.

High Heels - She didn't like disco

I don't know how the hell she didn't like disco, but this track may have convinced her. High Heels has given me many favorite tracks as Dizkoloco, since I accidentally discovered him on youtube. You can download the track for free from his soundcloud page, which you can scan right here.

tracks' info:
-Cayetano - Easy
 out soon

-Larry Gus - Jaw Throb
Silent Congas
DFA Records 2012

-Dj Butcher - Turn it up
Turn it up EP
out soon on Midnight Riot Records

-Poka - '99 style
French Express Vol. 2
French Express 2011

-Betty Wright - Slip and do it (Soul Seduction edit) 

-High Heels - She didn't like disco

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