Sunday, November 24, 2013

Faraway so close

I have a seriously fucked-up memory, so I only remember the Frankee More and Cactus Channel posts referring to fresh Australian artists in this blog (find them here and here). But as I browse through sounds, I find there are more and more serious stuff going on Down Under on the side of music we know and love. One more from the faraway continent.

Nice work from Rabble on "Need you forever", only 3 days old on soundcloud. Can't get enough of the hip hop beats, Lou Rawls' deep vocals (the man who released over 50 albums from the '60s till the '00s), the looping, the melody that kicks ass, the filters, the loving lyrics, the key changes. Smoochy!

tracks' info:
-Rabble - Right now

-Lou Rawls - Need you forever
All things in time
Philadelphia International Records 1976

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