Thursday, January 09, 2014

Re-rubbing the '80s

Micamino is no news to this blog, since we've seen his Freda Payne re-touch here and his re-rub on Ray Parker Jr & Raydio, here. As it appears, there are a lotta producers who ain't gonna have just one stroll around here, cause they keep editing/producing things that need to be spread around. And I like to spread the good news.

Marti Cain and her beautiful voice gave us "Love the way you love me" back in 1981 and Micamino made this smooth re-rub to remind us that the '80s weren't all about Duran-Duran and Salt-n-Pepa. And except for reminding us that, he offers his work on this with a free download.

A huge "thank you" just left this place heading to Micamino.

tracks' info:
-Marti Caine - Love the way (micamino re-rub)

-Marti Caine - Love the way you love me
Point of view
BBC 1081

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